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Famous Boogiemen  was founded in 2010 to perform goodtime music. Our mission is to be hard working roots band that fuses varied influences from our favorite music styles. Together we create our own sound and style, always respecting traditions but at the same time finding new and fresh ways to play. Famous Boogiemen mixes Rock 'n' Roll, Blues, Rhythm 'n' Blues and other roots styles for you to enjoy.    
Rock Therapy!

Esko Mikkola



Kari Karpo



Pate Peni



Bassist and main vocalist Esko Mikkola has studied classical guitar and music theory in addition to playing in various roots music bands. His powerful voice and solid traditional bass style have been important parts in his former bands Hard Road and One Way Out. He has also played with highly respected Finnish blues artists Black River Bluesman and Sonny Boy Magnusson touring in Finland and internationally.

Drum duties were taken care by Kenneth Oiling during years 2010-12 and starting from 2013 by Pate Peni who has done long career in various roots bands. He has been a member of pioneering 1970's Finnish rockabilly band Mystery Train as well as touring bands of Ray Campi, Gene Summers and Dave Taylor.

Guitarist Kari Karpo has been playing guitar and bass since his early teen years. Preferring natural tube amplifier sound with no effects except reverb and occasional tremolo his playing style is firmly rooted in tradition but also spontaneous and inventive at the same time. Some of the artists he has played and recorded with are Harmonica Helge Tallqvist, Dr. Helander, Sonny Boy Magnusson, Jo Buddy, Tomi Leino, Pepe Ahlqvist, Jimmie Lawson, Harmonica Henry, Cleanhead Phil Speat, Carlos Del Junco, Phil Guy, Larry Garner, West Weston and Steve Guyger.

Famous Boogiemen also performs with American bluesman Jimmie Lawson and Finnish blues legend Sonny Boy Magnusson.


Roots  Rock 'n' Roll  &  Rhythm 'n' Blues                        Famous Boogiemen  2013